War – Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff,Vani Kapoor public review

War movie is my first personal review of any movie , this is the Movie I have seen a while ago so I am writing the film based on what I remember, I am not going to see again to write my review(but I can say I will watch it again, so its a watch it again movie.

Well , the hype around which the movie released obviously an huge pressure on all the actors and crew, since lot of movies that release to such a hype suffer a “not meet the expectations ” kind of response from the public and audience . What this movie has given is even after the hype for most audience it must be like ” exceeds the expectations” in most aspects of the film making.

Well lets talk about Hrithik, I remember Hrithik’s craze among girls when his first movie(Kaho Na Pyaar hain), and I have to admit did not see a lot of his movies but in this movie I think there is no better actor that could have done so well than Hrithik. Hrithik’s body language, action ,dialogue delivery ,dances, fights are all top notch.

Tiger Shroff’s is someone when I saw him in his first movie “HEROPANTI” to this movie WAR, One can see his maturity and comfort with camera is improved. And to act ,dance and fight along side of Hrithik is no joke and I think he has done extremely well. I guess Director had no choice other than Tiger to play this role to match up to the charm of Hrithik both by looks and dances and fights. So , I give my full points to Tiger.

Vani Kapoor, I have seen one telugu movie of hers but this is my first Hindi movie of hers and as far looks are concerned she is just a Diva, well coming to play a single mother helping out a spy is not a challenging role for her since her looks support her and Hrithik and Vani just look like pair made for each other on screen. Great pick for her role

Story line is great which has a govt of India trying to hunt down a spy who turned against few powerful people in the India government , who in turn chose another spy to go after and kill their own spy, Hrithik(atleast he knew he was a spy). The surprise to him was Indian government was the one’s thats trying to get rid of him(not foreign government). Pretty straight forward but whats extraordinary is the Music ,Dances, Direction, Action Sequences, Locations, Dialogues, and execution and putting everything together. This is a movie for theaters and a full 3 hr entertainment.

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