Kaala – Another SuperStar RajiniKanths movie in the Backdrop of Mumbai Slum Dharaavi and power politics to control and fight between a local leader from the slum and a powerful real estate politician from Mumbai. Well who wins is interesting . I would not reveal and spoil the thrill. Personally I thought this was last movie from the Super Star but looks like towards the end of his career he is moving towards where he belongs and working on more Mumbai based movies because a movie after Kaala was also a Mumbai based Cop movie. I thoroughly enjoy watching SuperStars movies well I hope you will enjoy the movie too.

Kaala- RajiniKanth Starrer

Rocky Handsome- Rocky Handsome is a movie where the lead actor takes on drug mafia in Goa trying to save a drug addict woman and her daughter from Mafia’s hands. Movie is action packed while putting to light some difficult truth’s to digest how cruel people have become in quest of money and power. Well, its just a movie so …enjoy it.

Lawyer Movie- Lawyer movie is a Tamil dubbed Hindi movie, I might have actually seen this movie in Hindi acted by Mega Super star Amitab Bachan , I am adding the dubbed version acted by Tamil Super Star Ajith . Please understand my limitations I can only add movies that are freely available on YouTube, all I can ensure it is a quality movie with decent story line and a blockbuster. Storyline of this movie is 3 young urban girls get into trouble with few rowdy youth and face constant trouble both in and outside the court of law. Ajith who is a retired lawyer with some dark incident with his family takes up the girls cause and brings them justice in the court of law. This is a movie for feminists and mostly on the lines of gaining the confidence of woman in a mostly man dominated society.

Kaithi Movie – Kaithi movie is Tamil blockbuster movie later dubbed into Telugu, Hindi and other languages which is a novel concept of prisoners story blackmailed and bribed by police officers helps the police protect a hijacked police station. click on the below link to watch the full movie